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I was back at MELT: Festival of Queer Arts and Culture last week to see Giantess on Thursday night at the Turbine Studio, Brisbane Powerhouse on assignment for Scenestr. Written and performed by transgender stand-up Cassie Workman, it has won numerous awards since its debut. Following Trade by Impromafia, a show I deeply enjoyed and felt privileged to attend, this was a quieter performance that proved touching with its message and the demure but steely presence of Cassie herself. What a wonderful thing it is live in a city where such a festival provides an outlet for artists and attraction for audiences.

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We took in our surroundings a bit more with the ice-block float hanging from the ceiling as part of the MELT festivities at the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse. We also grabbed the beloved bar snack menu pizzas – pepperoni for me and tomato and basil (margherita according to others) for Karen. While enjoying our pizzas outside on the balcony our possum came by to see if we’d let some scraps come our way. Unfortunately nobody told him/her how seriously Karen and I take our pizza eating.

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It was Saturday the 9th of March at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, and Karen and I were having a wonderful time. We had arrived mid afternoon on a sunny day, attended a performance of Brisburned@Work for Scenestr which Karen really enjoyed, taken in a session of Queensland Theatresports, run into some people we knew and really had a great time and had our fill of the tasty bar food. Yet the day was not yet over as we descended the stairs that led to the Turbine Studio.

The Turbine Studio a smaller more intimate venue is housed right next door right across the Visy Theatre on the same floor – the river level. Despite seeing some fantastic shows at their more glamourous cousin the Powerhouse Theatre I have to admit I have a soft spot for these two venues and maybe in particular the Turbine studio just because it tends feature shows or entertainers that are building towards something. I saw Nath Valvo at the Turbine Studio when he was big in Melbourne but growing his fanbase here, one of the first performances of Love/Hate Actually, Cassie George in There’s Something About Mary(s), the promising debut of the Grass Is Dead On The Other Side and so as I headed to see After Hours at the same venue it felt appropriate. By choosing to attend I was in on a secret, by staying later I was somehow more hardcore and more genuine than other audiences but little did I realise what a treat I was in for. You can read more of my thoughts here

Afterwards Karen and I headed off into the night to home and bed. It had been a good day spent at the Brisbane Comedy Festival 2019.

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