Scenestr 6

I found myself returning to the Brisbane Powerhouse for the first time since March 13, 2020 when I had attended the Brisbane Comedy Festival as the first COVID restrictions were announced in Australia. No more than 500 people at a venue starting Monday the 16th of February.

Now here I was back on the 25th of March, 2021 at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Interestingly enough I was there to review the show Two Man Tarantino for Scenestr magazine. I had previously reviewed the show back in 2018 for the Wonderland Festival so I was setting myself an interesting challenge.

The show seemed even better this time around to me and you can read my review here –Two Man Tarantino Review @ Brisbane Powerhouse (

There was no mask wearing and the theatre was packed as per current health guidelines.

Karen and I also enjoyed our beloved Snack Bar Menu pizza after the show.

In such moments you can’t help but feel that something has been regained if only briefly after having been absent for so long.

-Lloyd Marken



  1. I enjoyed your review, and they seemed likeable in the promo clip. Definitely something I would like to see. Shame they didn’t think to put it on You Tube, for foreign audiences that don’t have the luxury of going to any live event, let alone with no mask…
    But most of all, I want those pizzas. Both of them! Washed down with some nice red wine! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. John suggested the same thing, I think that would be nice once they have had a good run of the live show. I agree they are very likeable performers and that is part of the shows ultimate success. I was trying a riff on some Pulp Fiction dialogue for the review but without swear words I don’t know if it works. 😉 after a year away we were really happy they still did those pizzas. It was a little treat. I had also lost some weight so was wearing a tie and belt again. 🙂 Best wishes Pete.

    1. There was a theatre group that released a download one of their shows when COVID kicked off to help raise funds including for a charity and I bought a copy. It’s a good idea but I think you also have to weigh up if people will come and see your show live if they can view it more cheaply by other means.

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