Scenestr 5

March 11

I was fortunate enough to be on assignment with Scenestr once again on the Thursday the 11th of March.

Since the pandemic hit Brisbane I had been to three films and one stand-up show.

Now I was going to the theatre again to see Triple X, which had its season cut short a year ago due to COVID.

It was a privilege to be there to see the show’s return that had been promised by Queensland Theatre and delivered against some unprecedented odds.

At the end of the show the lead performer and writer Glace Chase appeared to be becoming emotional.

The show itself was wonderful, detailing a love story rife with laughs and pain and yearning.

What was interesting for me having not been to the theatre in a while was the measures.

We had to sign in on a Qld Government App at the venue. The menu was slightly altered to mostly packed foods and drinks.

And yet…

Looking out over the lobby before going into the show there was a sizeable crowd and nobody was wearing a mask because the current health advice was not to.

Then when we went into the venue it was a packed house with everybody seated together with no spare seats in between.

Again completely in keeping with the health advice but being aware of what was being experienced elsewhere in this world made our current circumstances seem a little surreal.

There were 41 active cases in Queensland on the 11th of March, 2021.

Anyway the show was wonderful and you can read my review here Triple X Review @ Queensland Theare (scenestr.com.au)

I was fortunate to have interviewed the director Paige Rattray two years earlier in the lead up to the run Hedda directed by her too. 

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-Lloyd Marken



    1. It felt very surreal Don, almost as if there wasn’t a pandemic going on. But I guess this proves the return to normal hoped for can be achieved. Here when there are no cases out in the community restrictions get relaxed then when there is an outbreak from hotel quarantine we do snap lockdowns. Not to cover the incubation period but just enough time to carry out contract tracing. If case numbers remain low the restrictions come down. The cycle continues. But it does feel surreal. Within two weeks of this night masks were mandatory and we were back in lockdown. How are things in Minnesota? It was good to see a play in a theatre again.

      1. We are doing better. People who want the vaccine have no trouble getting it. Still pockets of trump lovers who refuse to get it.
        Live entertainment is slowly creeping in but it be a while before it is big enough to get my family back to work.
        Stay Safe.

    1. I can understand that Pete, I was thinking of people overseas when I was there. Coming up is another snap lovkdown that occurred less than two weeks later and sadly prematurely ended Triple X’s run. The production will hopefully continue its run in Sydney soon. Best wishes Pete.

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