At the end of last year I got an opportunity to interview comedians Heath Franklin and Randy Feltface. Both are well established and have been part of television shows in Australia so it was a new level reached for my interviewing. Heath Franklin is most famous for his Chopper Read character who is based on the actual Chopper Read from real life. We talked a little bit about how he started out and how he approaches his stand-up. Throughout he was thoughtful with his answers and I was most interested to hear him discuss his early days, how fortunate you are if you make it and how many talented people do not. I particularly liked the way he phrased doing comedy before he got his breaks as “This is something I love and I’m going to do it when I’m awake and when I’m not working”.  You can read it here

I interviewed Mr Franklin in anticipation of his upcoming tour Bogan Jesus which kicked off at Fringe World in Perth on the 6th of February and will continue around the country including Adelaide Fringe and the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Comedy Festivals. Also Hobart and Gosford.


Produced by Eyeball Media Enterprises Scenestr. is an online national magazine with local offices around Australia. Celebrating 25 years in 2018 of publishing history they’ve excelled at moving into the digital realm but they remain at heart from the streets. They still publish magazines in print for Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane every month. This interview, along with the Randy Feltface one, was published in print in the January WA edition of Scenestr which is always a thrill for a GenX guy like myself. A digital version of the print edition can be found here with the interview on page 26.  If you’re into music they’re a great read but they do cover all of the arts including festivals, stand-up comics, fashion, theatre and film. I feel very fortunate to get to write for them.

-Lloyd Marken


    1. It’s an agressive swearing character but that was how Chopper was to say the least. Cracks me up half the time due to the attitude of the character. Of course Mr Franklin is nothing like that in real life which of course reveals a little of how talented he is. Thank you for kindly checking the review out Pete. Best wishes to you too, Lloyd. 🙂

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