I’m very fortunate to have had my review of the last Star Wars film published online at Buzz Magazine. Writing a review for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a challenge. I’ve had endless conversations with family and friends debating character motivations and plot points of various significance. It is a film that has stirred up talk about its merits and failures. I’m excited to see what you think and to share my thoughts. Two years ago I wrote a rambling diatribe about my feelings about The Force Awakens, now here I trying to cut the word length and keep my thoughts coherent in a review for an actual online magazine. How things change if you get a little luck.

Check out the review here and let me know what you think.

Based out of Victoria, Buzz Magazine was one the longest running street press magazines in Australia being published in print from 1993 to 2010. Some fine writers have worked for Buzz over the years and gone onto successful careers in media since and there is simply no way to measure the contribution the mag made to local music over its print run. With such words and minimal advertising on the website the impression could be taken that Buzz is now semi-retired. Yet the site is quite prolific with new write-ups on a daily basis, the ongoing interest of fans old and new and contributions from some very talented people indeed.

-Lloyd Marken


    1. As always too kind Pete. I don’t know if it is a good review but I feel very lucky to get to write and submit it and I hope some enjoy. Did you ever watch the original Star Wars when it came out?

      1. I did. I also watched ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, in 1980. I only ever liked Vader, and of course loved Yoda. But two films were enough for me, I confess. 🙂

      2. You ended on a high note but how did you not wrap up that cliffhanger 3 years later. FYI, Yoda my favourite. Got a thing for mentors, Yoda, Gandalf, Giles. Master Splinter.

  1. I was sorry to hear that the latest Star Wars was not all it was cracked up to be, despite the fact that I am more of a ‘Trekkie’ myself. I doubt I’ll manage to get through the movie. For Carrie Fisher, I kind of wanted this to be her final legacy.

    1. Well as you can see in my review GP I think she does great in this final performance. Maybe you will enjoy it. It seems to be love or hate for most. I’m in the middle but I experience all those emotions about various things in it. I realise we’ve discussed this before, after all I know you have fond memories of the first one but did you happen to see The Force Awakens?

  2. Well balanced review Lloyd. We’ll always have the original trilogy lol. I’m sorta lukewarm on the Last Jedi. I have my doubts that it will hold up over time. I will try to keep up with all the new Star Wars films that will be coming out for at least a little while longer. 🙂

    1. I’m still interested in what happens in Episode IX. It’s funny but I think if a particular death had not occurred I might have been more on board. I’m not too excited about Solo but it could be good. I think you’re pushing uphill doing a Solo movie without Harrison Ford.

      1. Agreed, the trailer didn’t blow up my skirt and I’m too big a Harrison Ford fan but Donald Glover didn’t even look like Billy Dee Williams and the only thing that had me excited about this was that Lord and Miller were directing it. Still innocent until proven shitty?

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