Recently I was fortunate enough to review the latest programme from Queensland Ballet for Scenestr. Titled Raw, it is broken up into 3 distinct pieces with both contemporary and classical styles. The Queensland Ballet has really come of age in recent years and I urge any readers from Brisbane, Australia to check it out. You can read more of my thoughts at http://scenestr.com.au/news/arts/queensland-ballet-s-raw-qpac-review-20170322

Produced by Eyeball Media Enterprises Scenestr. is an online national magazine with local offices around Australia. With over twenty years of publishing history they’ve excelled at moving into the digital realm but they remain at heart from the streets. They also publish Scene magazine in print every month focussed mostly on music gigs, festivals, stand-up comics, fashion and interviews with local and international bands. If you’re into music they’re a great read but they do cover all of the arts and fortunately for me I have had 3 reviews published by them for Raw, Logan and Hidden Figures.

-Lloyd Marken


  1. Well-reviewed Lloyd. I am not the biggest fan of ballet, but have seen a few, including at The Bolshoi in Moscow. (Tourist at the time, the sort of thing you do) I prefer opera myself, and used to go a fair bit, many years ago. Then the prices got stupid, and after that, I moved away from London, where most are performed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Many years ago, at the Barbican, in London. I didn’t really understand the whole story, but I enjoyed the music, and the Chinese sets. It wasn’t anyone very famous leading though.

      2. You’ve pretty much described my experiences. Thank God for programmes. I do enjoy avant garde pieces though where it’s up to your interpretation.

      3. My favourite is ‘Carmen’, which I have seen a few times, including ‘in the round’ at Earl’s Court, London. I saw ‘The Barber of Seville’ at the Kirov theatre in Leningrad, and they did that well. I can recommend this film, for a wonderful Spanish flamenco take on ‘Carmen’.
        Regards, Pete.

    1. I’m glad you liked the review. The Bolshoi must have been awesome. About 7 years ago the Paris Opera Ballet came to Brisbane and figured it was a once in a lifetime thing and so took Karen. It was wonderful but I admit I haven’t seen much but some Opera and Ballet. I really enjoyed Raw, in particular The Ghost Dancers. Karen and I had just started dating when I took her to see Turandot. I love the song in it and it was good but I was waiting for my heart to soar during that song and it just didn’t happen. I’m sure it must have when you saw Nessun Dorma performed in London. What a treat to have been able to go to the theatre there. Nothing is getting cheaper though eh? Have you ever been to the Lyceum? My parents took me there to see The Lion King in 2002.

      1. When I saw the Bolshoi, the theatre was being renovated. They gave the performance of ‘Coppelia’ in the grand hall used for the national assembly. It was huge!
        When I used to go to The Lyceum, it was for weekend dances, in the late 1960s. I haven’t seen The Lion King, as its not my thing. But we did go to see ‘The Jersey Boys’, ‘The Motown Story’, Thriller’, and ‘Chicago’, all in London.

  2. Nice review, Lloyd. Ballet and all dance is not something that an ‘American’ male is suppose to like; but when it is being performed on stage, the wings are always filled with stagehands. Again, over the years I have been so fortunate to have seen so many great dance companies from all over the world. Perhaps someday the Queensland Company will go on tour and show the world it’s wares.

    1. I know they go on tour to rural communities in Queensland which I think is a great thing and the Artistic Director does overseas recruiting trips. One can hope but I dare say you’ve seen some great companies over the years. Houston Ballet got brought up a bit in our programme. They must be very impressive and you can always go to New York. Ballet is a pretty cool merge between art and athleticism. Some of the leg muscles I saw on these kids and come to think of it some of them were close to my age was amazing. You must have at least one great ballet story? Care to share.

      1. Worked the Houston Ballet years ago, very impressive as I remember. Here’s a cute story about ballet:THE MISCHIEVIOUS MOUSE, you can find in my Stage Hand page in my blog.

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