I am proud to announce that I was published in the very first print issue of Frooty magazine. Frooty was founded as an online magazine in 2017 by the Arts/Comedy Editor for Scenestr Jesse Chaffey.

Jesse edits the bulk of my published pieces for Scenestr as well as so many others. He’s rescued me a few times, regularly made my pieces look better, taken on board anything I thought was important to keep and it is a fragment of what he does as an editor working long hours relentlessly. Like all members of staff at Scenestr, he’s talented, hard working and passionate about what he does. The fact he created Frooty the same year he as a recent graduate started as the Arts/Comedy editor for Scenestr speaks volumes and let’s not forget Scenestr has also grown in the same time frame moving into print in Western Australia and Melbourne.

My contribution to Frooty Issue 1 is a review I wrote on page 17 for Rocketman that was originally published online at Scenestr.

You can read a digital version of the print issue here


Started in 2017 and produced by Eyeball Media Enterprises, Frooty is an online national magazine that covers news and entertainment with a queer perspective. They have just done their first print issue with more to come.

-Lloyd Marken


  1. Great review, Lloyd, and well done for getting in the first print edition too.
    I am in two minds about the film. I like a lot of Elton’s songs, but have always found him rather ‘creepy’ to watch. But I hear it is a better biopic than ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, so might give it a try.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks Pete, I would say Rocketman is a mixed bag. I found Bohemiam Rhapsody the better film but more conventional and straight forward. There are scenes in Rocketman that leave it in the dust and then others that are just tedious and boring. Will be fascinated to hear your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Cindy, I loved aspects of it and yes overall enjoyed the film. The review is the same one that was published online with Scenestr that you read earlier. 😉 I forgot to put a hyperlink in and will do so. 🙂

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