Whats Going On Scenestr


The second show I saw at the Brisbane Festival 2021 was ‘What’s Going’ on assignment for Scenestr magazine. Tyrone Noonan and his band Palimpsest performed in concert Marvin Gaye’s 1971 album What’s Going On. It was a real pleasure to see this show in person, the album itself is so beloved that to see these songs performed in person by such musicians who are fans themselves was very special. It was an interesting to attend such a performance where Boomers jumped up and boogied together en masse while COVID was gripping New South Wales and Victoria. 

Karen and I enjoyed the concert and a personal highlight for me was being messaged later by Tyrone that he liked my review. You can read it for yourself here

I also enjoyed that one of my images made the grade for being included in the review as it is not exactly my strong suit.

Once the tracks of the album were done, we were treated to renditions of other Marvin Gaye classics including a song that Marvin Gaye covered called Abraham, Martin and John. This is such a beautiful song, in the weeks ahead I would listen to it whenever I was feeling a little melancholic. Thank you Tyrone, and thank you Marvin.

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-Lloyd Marken