I was lucky enough to be on assignment again for Scenestr magazine last Wednesday night to attend a preview screening of Terminator: Dark Fate at Reading Cinemas, Newmarket. There were other critics and fans in attendance.

Sadly while I enjoyed Linda Hamilton’s performance and think this is the best sequel we got since Terminator 2: Judgement Day that is not necessarily high praise. You can read my full review here https://scenestr.com.au/movies-and-tv/terminator-dark-fate-film-review-20191101



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-Lloyd Marken


  1. Excellent review, Lloyd. Terminator is one of the few franchises I usually enjoy, and I agree that Linda deserves more serious roles. But I reckon I can wait for this one to show up on TV.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thank you Pete, it would be great if this got her more roles. What this latest film made me feel most inspired to do was go watch the first two at home. It’s not that it is horrible but I think if we’re going to continue down the path of delayed sequels, we have to make sure they’re really good and actually I feel the trend is mostly played out anyway. Something is wrong when I’m happier to recommend clips from the press tour (like the two I’ve attached here), than the actual movie. 🙂 Best wishes Pete.

  2. Good review again, Lloyd. Like Cindy and Pete, I’ll wait for it to hit TV. I did like the first 2. Robert Patrick was so good, I always have a hard time watching him without thinking of him as a villain. And I always thought Linda Hamiton was so good her career was curtailed.

    1. Thank you Don, i agree with you Don about how good Patrick and Hamilton are. I’ve seen Patrick in other roles and immediately accepted him as a good guy but there is no doubt this is the role he will be remembered for. This film serves to remind everyone how good Hamilton is, I hope it leads to better things.

  3. Nice review! I’ve enjoyed all the films in the franchise, so I’m eager to watch this one. BTW, Linda Hamilton is an underrated actor! She’s very versatile too. She’s badass in the Terminator movies, and sweet and poised in the Beauty & the Beast TV series.

  4. I’ve got good memories of watching Terminator 2 in the cinema back in the day. Even before I read your review I didn’t have much enthusiasm for this film, and I’m not surprised to hear “everything felt fake and cartoonish.” I suppose if it makes money Hollywood will continue to go to the well.

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