I have been fortunate to interview another talented stand-up comedian for Scenestr magazine. This time with Becky Lucas who has a new show Since Day Dot coming up at Sydney Fringe Festival with regular collaborator Cameron James. I really got to pick Ms Lucas’s brain about the art of comedy and her continuing success where she offered some great reflections. As is often the case you’re spoilt for choice with which quotes to use and how to craft the piece discussing the upcoming show but also revealing something about the talented and fascinating individual you’ve been given the great opportunity to talk to. I hope I’ve captured some of this with Ms Lucas. You can read the interview here


Produced by Eyeball Media Enterprises, Scenestr is an online national magazine with local offices around Australia. Celebrating 25 years in 2018 of publishing history they’ve excelled at moving into the digital realm but they remain at heart from the streets. They still publish magazines in print for WA, SA, NSW, Vic and QLD every month. This interview was published in print in the September issue for New South Wales issue which is always a thrill for a GenX guy like myself. A digital copy of that issue can be viewed here If you’re into music they’re a great read but they do cover all of the arts including festivals, stand-up comics, fashion, theatre and film. I feel very fortunate to get to write for them.

-Lloyd Marken


  1. Interesting to read that they work with little preparation. I usually imagine stand-ups working out the whole thing in great detail. Good interview mate!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That might be nerves and a little humour talking. There would be a rawness to these Fringe performances that would be exciting to attend. Only comedians of Lucas’s fortitude and wit could hope to pull it off.

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