Jeff Bridges: The Lucky 13 Film Club

I am deeply honoured to be co-hosting Cindy Bruchman’s The Lucky 13 Film Club this month. Cindy is the best writer I follow and her Lucky 13 Film Club posts are hugely popular. Feel free to stop by and help us determine the best Jeff Bridges performances of all time and check out the rest of Cindy’s site.

Cindy Bruchman

0001-60259980Hello, friends! My appreciation goes to Aussie movie buff, Lloyd Marken, for co-hosting April’s Lucky 13 Film Club. Please, check out his site found HERE and start following. We began a dialogue discussing our mutual admiration for Jeff Bridges. Trying to whittle down ten, top performances is a subjective list, so we invite you to discuss which characters or films he has starred which left a lasting impression.

Lloyd’s picks: 

thunderbolt-lightfoot-eastwood-daniels Thunderbolt and Lightfoot


Thunderbolt and Lightfoot: Jeff Bridges is on fire here whether dressing up in drag, gradually revealing the extent of his inexperience and vulnerability or sporting a big smug smile on his face around the opposite sex. While the young actor is unafraid to reveal more about his character as the film goes on, I can’t help but go back to his first scene talking to Eastwood. Jeff plays it movie star cool like Clint with…

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5 thoughts on “Jeff Bridges: The Lucky 13 Film Club

    1. Haha, none more so than me. Actually I’ve never seen that King Kong but would like to. Be sure to drop by Cindy’s site and let us know your thoughts and picks.

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