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Long term readers may recall one of my first gigs for Scenestr magazine was reviewing a performance of the classic Australian play Cosi by the Beenleigh Theatre Group in 2017. This was followed by reviewing Anything Goes and Lord of the Flies and interviewing the latter’s director Bradley Chapman. Sadly I haven’t been to back to Beenleigh for a while, but over the weekend a last chance opportunity came up to attend High Fidelity on assignment with Weekend Notes.

We saw a Sunday afternoon performance which was in contrast to earlier Friday night attendance but I was pleased to see the cast give it their all and the audience really enjoy themselves. I do have some criticisms about the musical which had a brief run on Broadway but has found a second life in community theatre groups of the world.

I have not read the beloved book by Nick Hornby which spoke to a whole generation and still remains a classic. My best mate Mike recommended the film adaptation from 2000 as one of the year’s best starring John Cusack. I was pretty excited about this since his recommendation for the previous year was the excellent American History X. I am sad to report I was not as impressed but it may be time for a re-look. For me in a lot of ways the musical made certain improvements over the film and I was very charmed by the cast and the spirit of the piece.

You can read my review here

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-Lloyd Marken


      1. I’ve read loads of great books. My major was in literature. But this book is so easy to read. Have a copy personally signed by him too.

  1. I read the Nick Hornby book when it came out, and loved it.
    I later saw the Cusack film, and thought it was OK.
    I never bothered with the musical, for the reasons you explain so well in your review.
    It worked much better as a book. (Which I recommend you read sometime)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I think I will try to get around to reading the book. I should read at least one of his. I’m with you on the Cusack film. In fact I reckon the musical for all its faults is better. That’s what is so great about the Beenleigh Theatre Group. For the record I really enjoyed the film About A Boy and book wise I recommend Zig Zag Street by Nick Earls. It’s cut from the same cloth I presume as early Hornby. Best wishes Pete.

  2. I really liked the movie but perhaps it is because it made me remember all the conversations with friends about favourites: music and movies and games, and on and on. The plot was basically irrelevant!

    1. I think the film is worth a re-look but I thought the musical was an improvement. For the record I haven’t read his books but I quite liked About A Boy with High Grant.

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