It’s almost been a year since I got published with X-Press magazine for the first time contributing to the best of the year lists for 2017. I count myself very lucky to feature on the list for 2018. While it includes my thoughts on Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool which was in the 2018 so far list from earlier in the year but it’s still published post and I’m still counting it towards my tally. My work with X-Press has included screeners and two preview screenings in Brisbane and I look forward to contributing in 2019 with them. This post can also act as an entry point for you to read the words of the other great writers who contribute reviews to X-Press Magazine. You can find it here

This list has got me thinking about how my own Top 10 for 2018 is shaping up. Please note my Top 10 to feature here on this blog next year around Oscar time will go off films released in 2018 in the U.S. This list done by X-Press Magazine was based on films that were released in Australia in 2018 and do include some films from 2017. Heck I reviewed a delightful 2016 film from France for this year.

X-Press Magazine was established in 1985 and at one point was Australia’s highest circulating free weekly entertainment publication with over 40,000 copies reaching 1,0000 outlets every week.  On the 24th May, 2016 Issue 1527 hit stands. Like many publications of its ilk X-Press Magazine is now foremost an online magazine engaged globally and making the most of the possibilities that new digital technology offers. It’s roots though are tied to its home city, love of local artists and productions and music which it supports wholeheartedly. Perth a capital city most isolated from all the other capitals is continuing to grow and develop culturally and artistically with its own identity and talent. X-Press has always been there to capture this growth and will continue to do so.

-Lloyd Marken



      1. I liked 3 Billboards but totally cool if you didn’t. It’s been funny to reflect actually on some of my list for 2017 as the year has gone on. Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool has grown in stature where as others have dimmed in my memory away from the Oscar race. I suppose that’s no different than any year. Can’t wait for February and putting together the list and hearing your thoughts. It was nice to see your early excitement about The Shape of Water was well placed. It won Best Picture.

      2. My wife and I really enjoyed “Liverpool” – such great acting. There are always films that resonate more for some than others, but we get a slew of screeners at the end of the year and burn out a bit from all of the pretentious offerings – seemingly designed to curry awards!

    1. 50 posts I wrote have been published on Scenestr’s website this year. In the past year I’ve done 15 posts with X-Press. I doubt I’ll be able to match that next year but it has been a great opportunity to do all that work. Thank you Jet for the kind words. I guess it’s on to the next step.

  1. The only one of that list I have seen is ‘The Quiet Place’. I liked it more than most people did.
    But Paddington 2? Come on, there has to be a better film than that for a top 20. That actually made me sad to read. 😦
    Still, great to see you making the cut, and well done for all those articles.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. 1. Who the hell did you like The Quiet Place more than? It was well received by critics and made a moutza.
      2. Have you seen Paddington 2?! You might be eating those later laddie. 😉
      I will say I really liked both, Paddington 2 made it to my honourable mentions last year and I wonder in hindsight it would be even higher nice. It is a family film to be sure but also possibly that in every which of the best ways. Like I said, you may find yourself surprised. I’m glad you got out to your local cinema tech for The Quiet Place and enjoyed it. The pressure was on for me with that one. Now I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the German film In The Aisles which sadly will not be an Oscar nominee.

      1. I liked it more than some other bloggers who reviewed it, Lloyd.
        I really can’t be doing with Paddington. I think it’s just silly, and I don’t like films with live actors/puppets/animation, unless it is ‘Roger Rabbit’. Besides, the original animation of Paddington Bear was so well done, they should have left it at that.
        I will try to get to see some more foreign films in 2019, but will have to get them on DVD, as they wont be shown anywhere around where I live. 🙂

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