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I’ve been lucky to have another review published at X-Press Magazine. The review is for the second season of Netflix’s The Crown. I was a big fan of the original season in particular the first two episodes dealing with the end of King George VI’s reign. The quality would dip and rise in the latter part of that season. I feel some of that is the case with the second season but now the Queen has more agency of her story with the focus on affairs within her own household rather than matters of state. In a pinch I’d say its the better season and certainly the more confident one with Claire Foy and Matt Smith really owning their roles now. Its a shame to bid them adieu. We see for example the same actor playing Lord Mountbatten in 1937 and then in 1957 and it only adds to the power of the storytelling. Why replace Foy and Smith? Yet that was the plan all along and we know that a talented main cast will lead season 3.

You can read more of my thoughts here

X-Press Magazine was established in 1985 and at one point was Australia’s highest circulating free weekly entertainment publication with over 40,000 copies reaching 1,0000 outlets every week.  On the 24th May, 2016 Issue 1527 hit stands. Like many publications of its ilk X-Press Magazine is now foremost an online magazine engaged globally and making the most of the possibilities that new digital technology offers. It’s roots though are tied to its home city, love of local artists and productions and music which it supports wholeheartedly. Perth a capital city most isolated from all the other capitals is continuing to grow and develop culturally and artistically with its own identity and talent. X-Press has always been there to capture this growth and will continue to do so.




  1. Well done for getting the gig, and for another good review, Lloyd.
    I haven’t seen season one yet, and as I am not remotely Royalist, I doubt I will. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I watched the first season and liked the transition from George VI to Elizabeth. Then I lost interest and never picked it up. Good to hear the second season is better. Maybe I’ll give it a go. I confess I haven’t seen Downton Abbey! I’d rather see that one, first. Not sure what I’m waiting for.

    1. I’m right there with you Cindy regarding Season 1 of The Crown although two episodes regarding Winston Churchill were for me the strongest of the latter episodes. This one I think you might enjoy the first two or three and the last two. The stuff in between not as good but still I enjoyed it. For me I stopped watching Downton Abbey in Season 4. I think Season 1 is just perfect television episodic storytelling. It never reached those heights for me again.

      1. This year’s season, yes a little bit. I don’t see that as a commercial decision though. They’ve been working towards an endgame and the showrunners have insisted they won’t be involved in any spin-offs. I think some things were rushed and some things just didn’t ring true but we’re in the end game now and as long as Tyrion gets to do something cool I’ll be happy. I thought perhaps this season would be about Cersei’s end and the wall would come down at the end and the final year would be about the White Walkers. I’m glad it didn’t go that way. I think its better to maintain that theme of how we humans wreck things for ourselves and the need to unite. I’m hoping they pull off something special for the finale.

      2. I read somewhere the common complaint was the temporal slicing. That is, the characters suddenly came and went and so the audience didn’t have the experience of traveling with them which is why we fell in love with them.

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