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Following on from the list for Top 20 Films of 2017 at X-Press Magazine I was lucky enough to feature in a list of the best TV Shows of 2017 this time having 4 picks of mine feature with words I wrote. I don’t get to watch as much TV and found it interesting to sum up the 5 best I’d seen. There was a lot of quality TV that I just didn’t connect to the same way as others and did not even consider placing on such a list. Earlier this year I fell in love with the second season of Fargo but that was not a show from 2017. When I looked back there was only one show I really loved and was engaged by and constantly thought back on. Not House of Cards, not GLOW (which by the way is great), not even Game of Thrones (which let’s not kid ourselves is still the biggest show in the world and I’ll have a front row seat to it the day the final season starts), not Strangers Things (which is only getting better), not Fargo Season 3 (it was all right but didn’t engage with likeable characters like Season 2), not even Five Came Back (which really touched me and I went back to watch several times). No there was only one show for me that was truly great, mesmerising and haunting. It may not have killed in the ratings but it will endure in the years to come and as it turned out it got the No.1 Spot on the list which you can check out here

It’s a real thrill to have some of my thoughts included in an end of year list for such a well established publication (that I’ve only just begun to contribute to) alongside such experienced and talented professional writers.

X-Press Magazine was established in 1985 and at one point was Australia’s highest circulating free weekly entertainment publication with over 40,000 copies reaching 1,0000 outlets every week.  On the 24th May, 2016 Issue 1527 hit stands. Like many publications of its ilk X-Press Magazine is now foremost an online magazine engaged globally and making the most of the possibilities that new digital technology offers. It’s roots though are tied to its home city, love of local artists and productions and music which it supports wholeheartedly. Perth a capital city most isolated from all the other capitals is continuing to grow and develop culturally and artistically with its own identity and talent. X-Press has always been there to capture this growth and will continue to do so.

-Lloyd Marken


      1. Saw the originals but not the sequel. I’ve seen a few of them but not all of them through. Only 4 episodes inot Narcos, which has most of my focus at the moment.

  1. The Sinner, Game of Thrones, The Good Place are on my list of great shows (series) I watched. I watched Fargo for the season Billy Bob Thornton was on and liked it a lot. I have enjoyed past seasons of “American Horror Story.” Not sure why, but those two are a hit or miss not continual watching; as the cast changes over time. The magazine list includes, “The Bachelorette” who usually irritates me with poor grammar.
    I like “This is Us,” “Madame Secretary” and watch “NCIS, New Orleans” since Scott Bacula was one of my old time favorite TV stars in “Quantum Leap.”
    I enjoy all the Wednesday night comedies and the set of new ones including Blackish and Fresh Off the Boat. I laugh and need laughter. 😀

    1. That’s quite an impressive list there Robin of some very good shows. I love Bakula too and enjoyed Fargo Season 2. I saw the Hotel season of American Horror and enjoyed it but have not re-visited. Horror ain’t my thing. Will have to get to the Sinner I guess. My wife loves The Good Place so I am checking it out sporadically. 🙂 I should point out The Bachelorette is the Aussie version with Sophie Monk. Thank you for checking out the link.

      1. I’m not sure why but I do think you will like The Sinner, mainly because the acting is well done and the story moved me. The main character just seems so mistreated and “lost.” Jessica Biel should have received an award in another year, I suppose.
        I am happy to try and check links out, especially since my days are not ten or eleven hours during winter time. Take care, Lloyd.

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