I’m very grateful to be able to say that I have had another review published at Buzz Magazine. This one is for Wonder Woman which is drinking in the sweet smell of success with critical acclaim and box office moola!  happy woman weekend wonder woman opening GIFYou can read some of my thoughts here http://buzzmagazine.com.au/4882-2/ and I can’t help but link below a video review from the How It Should Have Ended team because quite frankly I think Daniel Baxter is really perceptive about the appeal and major themes of some recent releases. HISHE is correct, they got Wonder Woman right and from there everything else flows.

Based out of Victoria, Buzz Magazine was one the longest running street press magazines in Australia being published in print from 1993 to 2010. Some fine writers have worked for Buzz over the years and gone onto successful careers in media since and there is simply no way to measure the contribution the mag made to local music over its print run. With such words and minimal advertising on the website the impression could be taken that Buzz is now semi-retired. Yet the site is quite prolific with new write-ups on a daily basis, the ongoing interest of fans old and new and contributions from some very talented people indeed.

I really appreciate everybody who takes the time to click on the links and check out these reviews, I hope you’re enjoying them. Out of the blockbusters I’ve seen so far this season Wonder Woman is only surpassed by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

-Lloyd Marken





  1. I enjoyed your review, Lloyd, but I have some issues with the film. OK, it’s a comic book franchise, so not likely to go down well with me. But using WW1 as a backdrop was both pointless, and insensitive. It is (still) the centenary of WW!, and that terrible conflict needs more respect than to be shoe-horned into a CGI franchise, pseudo-cartoon. I won’t be watching it.
    Sorry mate, but that’s how I feel. Ask the Anzacs…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the review and thank you for sharing your opinion Pete, no need to apologise. As you may have noted I made a point in the review along similar lines. I was conflicted about that scene and yet if it had been at Iwo Jima I may not have been and yet that battle was just as horrible. I wonder if that’s because cinematically I’ve seen World War II depicted in different ways including fantasy. Everybody raves about that scene and I understand why but I did think about all the men who died on the Western Front during it and well…Anyway I guess I made my point during the review and I’m very glad you brought up your point too. Food for thought.

    1. Thanks Vinnie, thanks for checking it out. I think it is one of my better ones about a blockbuster and exciting to have it on Buzz. I hope you enjoy Wonder Woman? Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

  2. I really have to go see it. All the reviews are raves. I remember reading the WW comic books, back when comic books were a dime. And also, my grandnephew, Wayne Dalglish, was the fight coordinator for the movie. Thanks for the review, Lloyd.

    1. I give 3 out 4 stars. The first half is better than the second in my humble opinion. The work of Dalglish and the team is as good as ever although I’m afraid the shooting and editing of Batman Vs. Superman showed off their work better than here its still great stuff. I remember having a Wonder Woman comic as a kid. Something about zombies and nuclear rockets. A bit full on. The thing I love about the film is who Wonder Woman is and what she stands for. Everything from that fact flows into the rest of the film making it better. I’m excited to see whatever director Patty Jenkins does next especially a Wonder Woman sequel. Thanks for reading Don and have a great week. 🙂

  3. I really liked how well written your review is, Lloyd. I sincerely admired your using tonal levels as to me I was an eight years long clarinetist. I can appreciate heavy tones and light ones, interspersed. I agree that there are varied elements of humor, romance, fantasy, realism. . . You labeled them best! 🙂
    I like that you mentioned how war was in the trenches during this time. Also, how Wonder Woman chooses to flaunt her abilities proudly.
    The love story was one a man I am good friends with, wished had not come about. Of course, it was one of my favorite parts! The mores and expectations of women during this period had to be challenging to lightly display yet show their hypocrisy.
    Chris Pine played an interesting character, anti-hero in “Hell or High Water.” He reminds me of Paul Newman, in that he wants others to look past his looks and see his gritty character roles, too. (Not as highlighted or the lead in this part as Paul was in “Cool Hand Luke” but Chris was up there on screen with Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster and Gil Birmingham. 🙂 )
    Thanks for an excellent read, I wish I could have commented! I wanted to say how I enjoyed the beauty in this review.
    I am a bit backwards since I have not ever wanted to FB nor Twitter. The ability to use Hotmail is less and less while Gmail is the thing requested most. My WP account doesn’t allow posting opinions on the finite choices. Congratulations on having your review published and it certainly deserved it, Lloyd!

    1. Well Robin what can I say in the face of such wonderful praise. Thank you very much. I saw Chris Pine in Hell or High Water and agree that how I view him in now is radically changing and seems to be the payoff of earning his chops. I’ve always enjoyed him but I think he’s maturing into something else that I did not expect. I am backwards too and can sympathise. Thank you for trying to comment at Buzz and for commenting here. The fact that you clicked on the link, read the review and enjoyed it is plain wonderful. Wonder Woman is a great little film. Will be interesting where it lands in end of year round up after the Award Season entrants and the rest of the blockbusters have come and gone.

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