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A minor milestone was reached today when the views for my review of The Founder reached four digits.

The review was published January 18, 2017, the fifth review I posted that day and a relatively short one compared to some of my posts. It accumulated the customary likes and views over a 48 hour period that I’m thrilled to often receive with each individual post and then everything quietened down which is customary too especially if another post follows in a couple of days.

Then something odd happened in February and I started averaging twenty views a day. Fellow blogger Beetley Pete had a similar uptick in views with a post about whatever happened to the band Jamiroquai. His investigations had revealed that WordPress had gotten into bed with some other company and now our posts were featuring on some app or other. AMP or pinrss references in the stats backed up this likelihood. For whatever reason my Founder review had featured or struck a nerve and now we were off to the races.

My blog is growing but still a fairly minor thing, I marvel at the way some other bloggers have grown their audiences and take an interest in such a wide field. I’m happy to get 25 – 30 views within initial release, a good post will get 40-50 views and anything else over that is a superstar post. What hits and what doesn’t can never be an exact science. Is it a popular subject matter? When did you release it? Have you touched base with your core fans recently? What is the length of the post? Are there pretty pictures? These are factors that can appear sometimes to make a difference but in the end you have to write about what you want to write about and let the chips fall where they may? Related imageThe second most viewed post this year was about Red Carpet Dresses for Awards Season Part I with 78 views. During the Oscars I did Part II for that Awards Show and it petered out at 34 views. Not that I’m disappointed but the two similar posts do go to show predicting results is impossible.

As time moved on the views slowed down for The Founder but come April 4th they jumped back up again from say 3 views a day to 25 views a day. So here we are. A quick google search indicates what I suspected. The Founder was released digitally on ITunes and Amazon Video April 4th. DVD and Blu Ray release followed April 18th.

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It wasn’t a particularly great review, nor a particularly bad one much like the film itself. If we’re being honest Stats show a lot of google searches with variances on a common theme. When I wrote about The Founder I noted it was a well made film about Ray Kroc performed by Michael Keaton is an Oscar worthy performance. Yet the film portrayed Ray Kroc as an asshole and the film was hard to enjoy as a result. Clearly many other people felt the same way as the popularity of the post has to at least be partly attributed to all these google searches for Ray Kroc is an asshole.

What is the difference between the number 40 and the number 1,000. There are no more comments on the post, I haven’t seen any money from this little deal and I’m sad to admit but it doesn’t reflect an increase in my skillset. This was purely down to algorithms and corporate wheeling and dealing of which I played no part. How many of these viewers actually read the whole post and enjoyed it? Who’s to say.

Yet I am glad it has 1,018 views and counting. Why? Perhaps the answer lies here. Sometime in early 2016 a Jim from Texas commented on a post of mine. His comment inferred he’d been reading a lot of my posts but he had no blog of his own. He just read mine and probably others and liked them and just wanted me to know he did and to keep posting. 1……1,000. I like to think there’s a few Jims from Texas and I thank them and I hope they liked this post.

-Lloyd Marken

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  1. Lloyd, I have found that sharing posts on Facebook fan pages gets a lot of attention – of course I am a fan of the same Artists, so it’s a great way to talk to a community of mutual fans. Also, I am seeing that Pinterest and Google+ are great ways to share as well….congrats on your numbers!

    1. Thank you John, I will admit I did share a write up on David Letterman on The Late Show’s Facebook page when his tenure concluded. It was a long post and I don’t think it led to any views. 🙂 But I thank you for the good advice and take it on board.

  2. Interesting. I love reading people’s comments, both the critical and constructive, but I can’t help but notice how often a post gets comments initially and then nothing at all. I’m sure most blogs are like this.
    So I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone surfing the internet finds something I scratched out six months ago and comments on it, whether it be correcting a mistake, praising my “insight”, or directing me to “Beautiful Russian Women.”
    It’s especially pleasing when someone posts a comment on an entry which is a particular favourite. But overall the shelf life of a blog post is very brief. I’m just grateful for those who take the time to read and above all comment on what’s written.

    1. As always Paul, we’re pretty much on the same page. My very first post on the movie About Time got 3 views the other day. That tickles me pink but usually the most interest you’re going to get is in the first 48 hours.

    2. The Founder review this month so far is averaging 19 views a day. Some of my posts would be lucky to get that on the first day they posted and even more lucky if they ever do again. 🙂 Now about these beautiful Russian women?

  3. Thanks for the trackback, Lloyd.

    That original Jamiroquai post has now had 1,273 views. That is not the top post here, but the most views in such a short time. The multi-platform launch by WordPress did certainly generate more interest, but I was also pointed to another reason why this might be such a popular post. This is worth thinking about, when it comes to wondering why a post gets so many views.

    When someone likes a post on your blog, WordPress writes something like this, in the notification email.

    ” samanthamurdochblog liked your post on beetleypete
    They thought Internet marketing: More evidence was pretty awesome.

    You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!
    Great posts worth seeing from samanthamurdochblog:

    Crystal Cats And… Um… Cats
    Tabbies And Tablets…
    Desert Rose And Destructive Dogs… !”

    When I like someone’s post, the first blog post of mine mentioned in a similar list, is “Whatever happened to? : Jamiroquai”
    When you like one of my posts, the first suggestion on your blog is always “Ray Croc is an asshole”.
    This could well go a long way to explaining why those particular posts keep getting so many views!

    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Here is your one, from my blog today.

    ‘Lloyd Marken liked your post on beetleypete’
    ‘They thought Official! Beetley Bra beats Jamiroquai was pretty awesome.

    You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!
    Great posts worth seeing from Lloyd Marken:


    1. The most popular ever and the two most popular from this month. The plot thickens. I’ll let you know what mine says when I get a chance to check my emails next.

      1. Part of the puzzle at least. These seem to get listed based on established popularity. I’d say it’s going to take something to knock Jamiroqai and Ray Kroc off.

  5. I’m not surprised your work is getting so much attention. You’re a talented dude who knows his stuff. It’s great to see success for you my friend.

  6. Very nice job! I always try to read fellow bloggers posts and leave a comment…if I don’t…it’s because I’m on a hiatus or something. Something I’ve learned is that if a post is getting a lot of traction, go back an edit it or update it. My review for “La La Land is Overrated” got the most hits for me in 2016…nearly 6K views! That’s kind of unheard of for me. The most my posts usually get is 100-200, because I share them constantly. But, because I included the word “overrated” … that’s what got my views 😉 Keep up the great work, and my apologies if I fade in and out of the blogosphere at times!

    1. No worries Courtney, glad to have you back. Great work on your stats, I’m not surprised though because your blog is so enjoyable to read. A good title can certainly help. 🙂

  7. I’ve been wondering where Michael Keaton has been, thanks for telling me. He’s always been one of my favorites. As far as my blog goes, WWII has had a renewed interest, so it just sort of grew of its own accord. I can’t always comment on another site and it often takes me (what feels like) forever to get back to people, but i try.

    1. You’re too modest GP. Without fail you like all my posts and comment regularly. If you’re that for everyone who likes your blog posts that’s 300. That suggests roughly 1200 views per post and if those likers post once a month that’s 300 posts to read every month. Simply put you’re a machine. I appreciate your interest and continue to enjoy your blog. Michael Keaton has been around in indie flicks and HBO specials but essentially Birdman brought him back to the big leagues two years ago. I highly recommend Spotlight (2015).

      1. If always been an avid reader, so I guess that’s coming in handy now with getting involved in the blogs. Thanks for the compliment.

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