I love the play Our Town, I think it captures the essence of life in all its tragedy, beauty and humour so effortlessly that it never surprises that as it ages it remains timeless. The Artistic Director of Black Swan Theatre is a fan too and getting the chance to talk to her about her production of it was one of the most fun interviews I have ever had. The kind of ones where you lament having to put it to a set word limit because it can’t possibly cover the scope of the artists’ passion, thoughts and ideas. Yet you try, because you want to be worthy of the opportunity to speak to such people.

The production sounds like a winner, set outdoors in the theatre courtyard they’re going to have a reflective surface for the stage which will capture the long beautiful Perth sunsets and then the night sky. Those familiar with the play will know what an important part the changing sky can play. There’s going to be a wealth of locals, real Deliveroo drivers and doctors along with three talented actors Ian Michael, Abbie-Lee Lewis and Shari Sebbens who are all First Nation. Sebbens I saw give a particularly strong performance in the film Australia Day (2017) most recently. Given the importance of small town turn of the century America to the story its exciting to think of the possibilities that immediately come up when casting with such a focus on Perth locals and actors whose heritage predate white settlement in Australia. This particular production of Thornton Wilder’s classic shouldn’t be one to miss for fans old and new. You can read my interview with the delightful and talented Ms Watson here


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-Lloyd Marken