Winter is Here. The biggest show in the world, Game of Thrones, starts the beginning of the end next week and I’ve been lucky enough to put together a Top 10 Best Moments from the series online at Heavy Magazine.

There will be some surprise choices for many fans in terms of omissions and inclusions so if it provokes conversation then that is all part of the fun. Below are the following links for 10 – 5 with the rest to follow.

No. 10 The Night King Throws Down The Gauntlet

No. 9 “I Expect You To Serve The Realm.”

No. 8 Hodor Holds The Door

No. 7 Brienne Of Tarth Keeps Her Oath

No. 6 The Hound Loves Him Some Chicken

Feel free to write comments of your own personal choices or your hopes for what will be the final choices in the Top 5 on the posts over at Heavy. I can tell you No.4 is a personal favourite and No.2 involves my favourite character. No. 7 and No.9 may be unexpected but do involve fan favourites. There are many I assumed would be in there that I am surprised did not make the grade.

Heavy is an independent magazine and website that is all about the music and specifically heavy music and supporting the Australian music scene in general. Fortunately for me they do cover film as well and I am very grateful to have had this review published on their website. I fear the countdown was a bit rushed and may not be as polished as it should be but I hope you enjoy. What a thrill to write about the world’s favourite TV show in a publication.

-Lloyd Marken