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Bio: Hello people and thank you so much for checking out my blog site. I will not reveal much about myself on this page. I am a fairly open person and give plenty of personal insights in my posts so that is where you will find information about me. My hope is this diminishes preconceptions when you come to read my text and also rewards long term followers with a deeper insight into me. You are getting to know me and I am getting to know you. I look forward to it. If you're just casually dropping by, that's cool too. Feel free to drop a comment whether you agree or have a different opinion to offer. I hope you enjoy yourselves. Thank you.

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      1. Lae Fortress Workshops appears on some documentation although we believe he was seconded to the 472nd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Troop and we know he was with them at Jacqinot Bay in November 1944. He was an electrical artificer and was there to do the wiring up of the guns.

      2. I think it’s fantastic! If you care to have him included in the Farewell Salutes, what town should I put as his hometown? I am about the put the list together for today’s post.

      3. Thanks GP. Brisbane. I was wondering what decides the list? Reader feedback? Date of post? Subject matter of post? Something you’ve come across that interested you that was related to the deceased? I noticed some SAS soldiers who died in Afghanistan were listed in your post. What a nice way to pay tribute.

      4. Thank you, Lloyd. I receive obituaries from readers, I hunt them down on Legacies and by country, I check different newspapers, I receive the 11th A/B newspaper that has a “Taps” column,etc. I feel the people who contributed to our freedoms deserve all the honor they can.
        Your grandfather will be in today’s post.

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