You’re in your apartment, it has been a rough day. Outside everybody seems to hate you, just metres away on the other side of the door. There’s no family to call, no friends you’re sure really care. You’ve been alone a long time, no partner, no prospects at that shitty job you go to every day past all those people who hate you on the other side of that door. So you switch on a hologram who looks like a movie star who tells you you’re great. Nobody in the family says that, no friend, no one at work but this perfect looking creature does. She suggests you dance but you don’t want to dance. So she immediately changes her mind and tells you she wants to watch TV. She looks perfect and she says whatever you want to hear knowing it before you do. At the back of your mind something tells you this is too perfect. It’s not real and you want her to be real. So they’ll make another model and another one and pretty soon one day she might be real because she’ll have a complete consciousness. When that happens though, when she can really form all her own thoughts, dreams and curiousities how she is going to feel about your apartment? Is she going to still say all those perfect responses you didn’t even know you wanted to hear? At one point are you going to be keeping her a prisoner unable to live her own life? At one point is she going to be a slave and what do slaves do? They revolt. You see you wanted her to be real and now she is but your capacity to deal with that is most likely limited because real relationships are difficult for you which is why all those years before you got her but a real relationship is what you wanted. So are going to set her free to maybe still live with you? What waits for her outside and you?

I saw Blade Runner: 2049 not long after ploughing through the first season of Westworld which very  much is about slaves revolting. I also watched for the first time A.I. so these thoughts were with me when I wrote the above. The ability to communicate and form long lasting relationships is a core concern of our times. In this sense the themes of Blade Runner: 2049 are a natural progression from the questions of the original film but also fitting to 2017. I thought the film was brilliant, one of the year’s best and I am lucky to be able to say that I have had my review of it published on Buzz Magazine. It is such a shame it wasn’t more successful at the box officer but that at least means they won’t flog a dead horse and I believe in time people will discover this film. It is sad though that such a cinematic film was not seen more in cinemas. The editor of Buzz Magazine has had a rough year and I’m very grateful that Buzz is sticking around. Feel free to stop by and like, share or comment on the review and let the editor know if you enjoy Buzz. I certainly love writing for it. You can read my review here

Based out of Victoria, Buzz Magazine was one the longest running street press magazines in Australia being published in print from 1993 to 2010. Some fine writers have worked for Buzz over the years and gone onto successful careers in media since and there is simply no way to measure the contribution the mag made to local music over its print run. With such words and minimal advertising on the website the impression could be taken that Buzz is now semi-retired. Yet the site is quite prolific with new write-ups on a daily basis, the ongoing interest of fans old and new and contributions from some very talented people indeed.

-Lloyd Marken



  1. Another good, fair review. I will definitely see this film one way or another. I loved the original film and even bought the OST, so I really ought to try the follow up. That makes three films you’ve confirmed for me. Shall I watch it? Shall I not bother? And you’ve tipped the balance. I will give it a go (Dunkirk and a film about Churchill whose exact title I’ve forgotten for the moment are the other two)

    1. I hope you enjoy Dunkirk and Blade Runner: 2049. I also recommend In This Corner of the World. With regards to Churchill that could be Season 1 of The Crown but more likely it would be Darkest Hour.

  2. I read the review, and left a ‘like’ (heart thingy) but couldn’t seem to be able to comment.
    I still haven’t seen the film though. I fear that my love for the original will make me biased against it from the start.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thank you Pete that is very kind. I approached it as this film could be bad and has nothing to do with the greatness of the original which I’m leaving on a pedestal. As a child of the 80s there is something about the look of the original that means I will always love it more. Yet for my money this sequel is a great film. I enjoyed the story and the performances and thought the technical craft on display was ambitious and glorious. But I don’t want you to build it up in your head as being possibly good or even great. Go in expecting to hate it and see what you ultimately think of it. I look forward to reading your review even if you do hate it.

  3. Great review and thanks for sharing the link to Buzz…like many if not all print publications in the US, the times have changed and its very tough to survive, but with our support, perhaps they can!

    1. Thank you John, Buzz is kind of semi-retired commercially but full steam ahead with productivity and I am lucky be able to contribute. Rolling Stone Australia has gone into administration over the weekend so that’s very sad. Your words are very timely.

    2. Most of my work is for street press and people who have either gone fully online or are certainly increasing their digital footprint. They seem to be doing well and are punching about their weight but the times are changing and we definitely wonder where it will all end.

      1. Yes, the transition away from print has been financially devastating for so many publications…I work in media, and once you start giving content away for free, it’s impossible to get someone to pay it ever again!

      2. Yes I hear you, hopefully new economic models will establish but the truth is there’s less money in music than there was 20 years ago and that’s never coming back without the changing of laws which seems unlikely especially with pirating. There are more opportunities I guess but harder to get good pay for it. I feel very lucky to do this in my spare time but certainly the dream is to do it for a living.

      3. The online business continues to evolve and adapt, and there IS money there, it’s just not clear yet how the Creators of content will see a big enough piece of it!

      4. Yes and how great publishers will go on too. I feel very lucky that the people I work for are always adapting. I hope they thrive for decades yet.

  4. I was pretty hopeful for BR: 2049 when I heard Denis Villeneuve was directing. He’s been on a roll as director and look forward to whatever films he comes out with. One of my favorites movies of 2017 for sure. Good review as always Lloyd!

  5. I will watch the other films and did enjoy Blade Runner in it’s realistic parts and it’s sentimental ones. I see Harrison Ford as an icon who has given us many fine performances​. My brother is more Syfy oriented and might have picked it apart more than I could. Nicely reviewed, Lloyd!

      1. He is presidential, Indiana Jones and so much more! Thank you for this positive feedback. I want to get back to read more posts and go to the links for the magazines, Lloyd.

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