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I’ll try to keep this short but I did want to share that Ray Kroc…What An Asshole! reached 2,500 views on the 27th May, Australian time. Views has been slowing down in the past fortnight following on from the heady explosion of interest in April following the digital release of the The Founder for the home market. I doubt there will be many more milestones to celebrate in the future, certainly in the near future but I hope people who read the review enjoyed it. It is the engagement I get from my regular readers that matters most but it has been exciting knowing so many different individuals from around the world have, even fleetingly, read something I wrote once. Once again I’d just like to thank anybody who has read anything from this humble obscure corner of the internet and enjoyed it.

A few stats just cause stats, the post published 18JAN2017 received 53 views in January, 372 in February, 212 in March, 1,098 in April, 875 in May and so far 29 in June. The last week of April boasted 382 views, followed by 296 views in the first week of May, then 206, 178, 143 and so far this week 81.Averages across the months per day have been 3, 13, 6, 36, 28 and so far in June 10. There is simply no other post on this blog that boasts such stats. It currently has 18 Likes and 2,639 views. Thank you internet.

-Lloyd Marken

17 thoughts on “OVER 2,500 VIEWS FOR ‘THE FOUNDER’ REVIEW

  1. Yep, amazing how some articles gather up the views. Now if you excuse me, I need to go over to beetleypete’s and find that ‘Jamiroquai’ piece. 😉

  2. I know I always have a dip in views during the summer months, so try not to get discouraged if it happens to you. Like Pete says, he has Jamiroquai, but has often stated that he doesn’t know why or how so many liked the posts. They say at WP to check your stats for days seen the most, etc., but when I did it, it just drove me nuts [or even more nuts – depending on whether you talk to me or my better-half!].

  3. I am always impressed with the subjects which garner 100 or more views! I’m thrilled for you, Lloyd. You added an extra “0” on your title and it really shocked me!!

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