There were two films I was most looking forward to in 2017. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Good trailers for Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman have me excited about those films like Logan did previously and of course I can’t wait for Oscar season every year. But Guardians was it for me and it came out last week in Australia.

While I’ve never read one of the comics there was something new and interesting about the team since I saw the concept art for the first film. After the trailer for the original dropped I told friends in early 2014 that this was a film that could be Star Wars for a new generation. As it turns out we were lucky enough to have Star Wars be Star Wars for this generation but Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be a success beyond expectations too.

Three years later and you can read my review of the sequel here at Buzz Magazine.

Based out of Victoria, Buzz Magazine was one the longest running street press magazines in Australia being published in print from 1993 to 2010. Some fine writers have worked for Buzz over the years and gone onto successful careers in media since and there is simply no way to measure the contribution the mag made to local music over its print run. With such words and minimal advertising on the website the impression could be taken that Buzz is now semi-retired. Yet the site is quite prolific with new write-ups on a daily basis, the ongoing interest of fans old and new and contributions from some very talented people indeed.

It is a huge honour to have anything I write appear on their website but to have it be for such a hotly anticipated film that I have fallen in love with is quite a thrill. Once again I appreciate anybody who clicks on the link to read it and hope you enjoy.

-Lloyd Marken


    1. I’ve gone back and watched a couple of classics from my youth. They still have their charms but are they dating or are more sensibilities maturing?

    2. I’m telling you Pete, moments from Guardians 2 play back in my mind and I just marvel at the thought and grace that went into the character beats. I’m thinking about a scene between that racoon and Pratt and just beaming. It’s so nice to have a blockbuster that you’re an unabashed fan of. When people say there’s no difference this and a Transformer film I just want to scream but on the flipside it’s no Blade Runner.

    1. That’s 10 at 3 publications in the past 2 and half months. Why didn’t this happen after I graduated from uni in 2004. The simple answer is because I didn’t try but I have also been very luck and am most grateful. Glad you liked the review Vinnie. Have you seen the film?

  1. I enjoyed it for the most part but wasn’t blown away. There were some great moments, especially the opening sequence, but I found it dragged at times. Maybe my hopes were just too high.

    1. High hopes can always backfire Sean, I was worried about this myself. Your feelings reflect a general consensus about the film. The original was more fun and readily accessible. The sequel plays like the best stuff comes at the end and there’s less laughs. Some people note while lacking subtlety there are emotional pay offs that kind of make it equal to the first film for them. I guess I’m in that camp. I’ve seen twice, the first time I pondered how there were less laughs and the second half occasionally dragged. The second time I found jokes in places I didn’t remember and little moments that in the middle that built towards the payoffs in the third act. The more I think about it, the more I love it. So hence why I think its one of the year’s best. Your reaction though is much in line with many others.

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