You may have noticed I have been a little quiet in the blogosphere recently.

I was lucky enough to be offered a secondment at my day job working in the media arm of the organisation. They are preparing for the TEACHX Awards to be held on the 23rd of October where awards are handed out by the Queensland College of Teachers to teachers across the state.

There has been a restructure to the awards this year and a larger number of nominees across six categories. Building upon my work for them interviewing and writing about four teachers previously I was seconded to take nomination forms and write profile pieces.

I am not doing this alone, others from across the organisation are involved in writing and editing but the expectation is for me to make a substantial impact in pumping out a large number of pieces and I hope I am successful.

The event is a huge undertaking requiring strong project management to prepare for and have the event on the night run smoothly. Like all things done by this team, it is done to recognise some of the great work that teachers are doing in Queensland and to elevate the profession. Being called upon to write full time, pieces that support these aims is a dream come true for me.

The people I’m working with are experienced, talented and extremely hard working and I’m doing my best to learn as much as possible from them. Case in point is the design work you see above which was done by one of my colleagues for the event.

The nominees for the Outstanding Contribution to Teaching category are now available on the QCT website. This first category features 15 nominees and I wrote 10 of the published pieces on Cajetan Goves, Catherine Heiner, Jan Voges, Jean Childs, Kirsti Ellerton, Leann Hansen, Lena Saunders, Neal Thomas, Dr Ragnar Purje and Tracey Noe.

Feel free to check them out and comment on what you liked. All 15 have made an extraordinary contribution to the profession over the years. It is a category I have a bit of soft spot for as it recognises often lifelong commitments to bettering the education of children and I think a person’s working life should have weight and be recognised.

-Lloyd Marken