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Last month I was given the opportunity to use and develop my skills as a freelance writer where I currently work in my ‘day job’. An opportunity that I am very grateful for and presented with it a lot of different ways to grow and learn from some very experienced people.

Over the course of one day I interviewed three remarkable individuals who were recently awarded the Order of Australia Medal on Australia Day, 2019. All three are, or were, teachers and I interviewed them to promote the profession and to highlight their achievements. The three interviews have now been edited and published on the Queensland College of Teachers website.

The second interview was with Kathryn George, OAM and can be found here.

The citation for her OAM can be found here on the Australian Honours website.

The Order of Australia Medal is often awarded for service to community over several years and often with volunteer organisations. Kathryn George created with others a school marching band that has performed all around the world. Perhaps more importantly she has inspired and improved the learning of countless individual students through her passion for music. It was a privilege and a joy to get to speak to her.

You can read many more stories of such individuals on the QCT website.

-Lloyd Marken