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June 7

I had a bit soreness in my muscles on Sunday, the 7th of June so out of an abundance of caution I went back to the Fever Clinic at the Prince Charles where there was quite a bit more of a line-up this time.

The nurse wasn’t as gentle this time around with the nose swab, I suppose that was fair, I was no longer a virgin.

I remember staggering out afterwards trying to find the door.

The result came back thankfully negative.

June 8

In the United Kingdom the British government unveiled a quarantine plan for all returning travellers including British citizens to give their details and self isolate for the next 14 days.

Similar arrangements were put in place on the 18th of March in Australia as covered in a previous diary entry. On the 25th of March the Australian government placed returning travellers in quarantine in hotels across the nation for 14 day periods. If you got off a place in Australia being trusted to self isolate was no longer an option as covered in a previous post.

On the 18th of March there were 510 confirmed cases in Australia with a daily increase of 96. There had been six deaths with a daily increase of one.

On the 25th of March in Australia there had been 2,423 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 287. The number of deaths eight.

On the 8th of June in the United Kingdom when these measures were put in place there had been 286,198 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 1,326.

The number of deaths 40,542 with a daily increase of 77.

510 cases versus 286,198 cases.

The press was already reporting that Whitehall was looking at opening up travel to Europe again by mid-July.

6 as opposed to 40,542.

My God.

The Foreign Office was advising against all but essential international travel.

-Lloyd Marken