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June 11

Dr Sanjaya Senanayake was on the Channel Nine Australia’s morning show Today to discuss the COVID variants and their new names and how they compared to each other.

I was resistant to the renaming since it when someone mentioned Brazilian, UK and Indian strains I had a fairly good understanding of what that meant.

Alpha strain? Which one is that?

Of course in recent weeks all the talk is about the Delta strain so it’s easier to remember which one that is.

Still Dr Senanayake broke it down, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Kappa,

Both Delta and Kappa strains had originated in India but it was the Delta strain that was now most dominant in the UK and 50 per cent more transmissible than the Alpha strain.

The Alpha strain was the UK strain or in the UK what was known as the Kent strain.

The Infectious Disease Expert advised in the program the original Wuhan strain infected at a rate of 2.5 people, the Alpha or UK strain at 3.75 and now the Delta or Indian strain 5.5 people.

He advised UK data showed out of 12,000 Brits who got infected with the Delta variant only 1 per cent went to hospital but even more interestingly only 2 per cent of those 12,000 had been fully vaccinated He didn’t mention how many had received one jab but those kind of statistics suggested while the Delta variant or Indian strain was able to spread more quickly it was not necessarily more deadly than previous strains.

He advised research in the UK suggested risk of symptamatic disease was reduced by 60 per cent from two doses of AstraZeneca and 88 per cent from two doses Pfizer and that was before you looked at hospitalisations and deaths.

June 12

Saturday and a mass vaccination hub in Sunshine Coast aimed to 1,000 vaccine doses dispensed in a day given the recent scare from the relocating Melbourne couple.

No community cases were recorded in Queensland that day.

June 13

It was reported by Channel Nine News that from mid-July over 300 GPs across Australia would be able to dispense Pfizer vaccines. That was expected to increase to 600 by the end of the month.

The Therapeutic Goods Administrator advised Pfizer doses could now be stored in a normal fridge for 31 days which would help a great deal in terms of logistics.

On the 13th of June 2021 the World Health Organisation reported 175,365,359 confirmed cases globally with a daily increase of 399,198.

There had been 3,794,489 deaths worldwide with a daily increase of 10,151.

In Papua New Guinea there had been 16,727 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 45. There had been 165 deaths.

By the 24th of June, 2021 there will have been a measly 51,170 vaccine doses dispensed in the country of 8.947 million people.

In Australia there had been 30,237 confirmed cases with a daily increase of eight. There had been 910 deaths with no daily increase.

In Malaysia there had been 652,204 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 5,793. There had been 3,844 deaths with a daily increase of 76.

In Canada there had been 1,399,716 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 1,442. There had been 25,886 deaths with a daily increase of 13.

In Argentina there had been 4,093,090 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 26,934. There had been 84,628 deaths with a daily increase of 387.

A record amount of new daily cases had been reported on the 29th of May, 2021 – 41,080

In the United Kingdom there had been 4,558,498 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 7,550. There had been 127,896 deaths with a daily increase of twelve.

Russia's Coronavirus Outbreak: Why Cases Are Rising | Time

In Russia there had been 5,208,687 confimed cases with a daily increase of 14,723. There had been 126,430 deaths with a daily increase of 357.

In India there had been 29,439,989 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 80,834. THey were coming off the most recent surge where these numbers were a step in the right direction but it was worth noting that the previous surge in September 2020 had seen the highest daily increase then of 87,894 17SEP2020.

There had been new confirmed 370,384 deaths with a daily increase of 3,303.

A new record for daily deaths had been set on the 10th of June, 2020 – 6,148. 

In the United States of America there had been 33,124,293 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 13,904. There had been 595,802 deaths with a daily increase of 397.

-Lloyd Marken


  1. I had my booster recently. After the first two doses of Astra-Zeneca, I was given Pfizer as the booster. Made me feel quite ill for 3-4 days after, (unlike the AZ) but I’m okay now, and pleased I had it. The nurse mentioned that there will probably be boosters every year, and I should expect a notification some time in May 2022.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Hey Pete, I am glad to hear it. My wife recently went to work in the city on Saturday where there were anti-vaxxers protesting. I’m likely to get my first booster in February and unsure what it will be. I am sorry you were ill but glad to hear you’re on the mend. It looks like cases are very high in the UK but the number of deaths are not following at the same rate as before which is promising but winter is yet to descend. Hopefully we have turned the tide. El Alamein was three years before the war ended but as Churchill put it before El Alamein we never had a victory – after El Alamein we never had a defeat. Can we allow us yourselves to hope that we are at least at that point with COVID? Time will tell and the more we can vaccinate around the globe the more hopeful we can be. Best wishes Pete. I suspect I may have a booster shot in 2027 but hopefully I will not be wrting COVID at that point. 🙂

    2. I looked over this post and the previous one. This was kind of locked and loaded with a few stats to add so I published and then found out it was all in the previous post so I might delete this one but will post again soon hopefully.

    1. Thank goodness indeed, I’m very glad to hear that Don. It has been a whlle since I posted. It is good to be back. Although I have just discovered this info was in a previous post so I may delete this one but I promise I’m working on the next installment.

    2. Thank you Don, great news about your family. I may get my first booster in February. I found out most of this post was already published so may delete it but I appreciate the comments and will have a new – NEW! – post hopfully soon. Stay safe Don.

    1. Solid advice John, i hope you are well. I just realised this info was previously published so I may delete this post but will do a new one hopefully soon. Thank you for commenting.

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