The economic and social impact of Melbourne's second lockdown since the crisis began has been enormous.

September 04


The European Union was urging member nations not to shorten quarantine periods as Germany made plans to follow Norway and the Netherlands in doing exactly that down to five days.

The head of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) Andrea Ammon warned that at least 3-4 per cent of cases present themselves after the standard 14 day quarantine period. 

Ammon warned infection rates were on the rise in Europe with 46 cases per 100,000 people this last week. In March infections across the continent had been at 40 cases per 100,000 people and by the end of April they had reached 70 per 100,000 people. 

In Victoria there were 89 new COVID-19 cases and 59 deaths. 53 of them were newly reported but not from the previous day but from the previous few months and related to aged care facilities where there had been recent changes in reporting. 

Only earlier in the week Victoria Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton had reported a daily toll of 41 deaths most of them historical and advised a similar repeat was unlikely. It was the highest number of daily deaths reported in the country during the pandemic. 

The Australian death toll from COVID-19 now reached 737. 

650 of them from Victoria, the state that had suffered the most in the country.

“On a positive note, this is out of 25,000-odd tests processed yesterday, which represents about 0.3 per cent positivity,” Professor Sutton said.

The Premier was expected to announce a roadmap out of restrictions the coming Sunday.

We wouldn’t be happy opening up with 80 cases a day — we would need to have an ongoing downwards trajectory to be satisfied,” Professor Sutton advised.

Premier Daniel Andrews urged that rushing out of the lockdown was not a good idea.

I know there is commentary around in relation to many in the business community and I fully appreciate and understand the pain and the challenge those businesses are facing. What I would say is this is not a choice, this is not something that we are choosing to do. There is simply no alternative but to ease out of these restrictions in a safe and steady way,” Premier Andrews said.

The Treasurer Tim Pallas announced the moratorium on evictions in Victoria would be extended until 28MAR2021. Rental relief grants of $3,000 would be also be available until the same date. 

We have seen more people face housing and rental distress due to the coronavirus and the convergence of factors including their age and employment conditions. The one thing they shouldn’t have to feel is their home is at risk.” Mr Pallas said.

In some circles there was an ongoing discussion about how the virus really only killed people over 60 and in nursing homes. Perhaps in response to recent comments by a former Prime Minister of Australia who had only too recently risked his live to save others during the recent bushfires but had wondered what causes the greater loss of life, the economic disenfranchisement of so many or the virus.

Tony Abbott, wearing protective fire gear, stands with another firefighter. There is ash all over his uniform.

Professor Sutton said something in regards to this.

“I don’t know what people mean when they say ‘learn to live with this virus’. Of course we’ll learn to live with this virus, we’re all trying to learn to live with this virus,” he said.

“But if people mean let it run, let young people who are less at risk of severe illness go out and get infected, they are not thinking that these people in aged care are our parents, and our grandparents, are our aunts and uncles, are our great-grandparents. And are extremely vulnerable to dying from this virus.”

“But to see 20, 30, 35 deaths in an aged care facility — that is unprecedented. And it is entirely because coronavirus has a 15 per cent mortality rate for people above 85 years of age, it’s even higher the older that you get. So it’s a very significant illness,” Professor Sutton said.

-Lloyd Marken

6 thoughts on “COVID-19 DIARY -IT’S QUARANTIME!

  1. An excellent point about young people getting the virus. Students from our two Nottingham universities were allowed to come back to Nottingham and within a very short time, thanks to the students’ unbelievably selfish attitudes, the covid figures went from best major city to the worst one. They seemed to believe that only fellow students could catch the virus, and certainly did not think that their fellow students might catch the so-called “Long covid”.

    1. Long covid what the hell is that? Anyway I am sorry to hear about Nottingham seeing a spike. My take on all of of this is pretty simple, minimise travel and interactions, wash your hands, wipe surfaces and wear a mask and hope. A fool’s hope perhaps but hope and pray none the less. It astounds me how much of a concept that is difficult for people to get behind but has this plague has gone on I have found my little corner of the world less affected than others, my livelihood remains and so I worry I just don’t understand the suffering of others. I want to consider another point of view but I think we can all do better you know what I mean John? Take care mate.

  2. That explains Long Covid, Lloyd.
    The latest figures for the UK show little or no improvement in England.

    ‘The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which is tracking Covid-19 in the community, also suggest that infections have levelled off in recent weeks.
    Approximately one in 80 people in homes in England had coronavirus in the week ending 14 November, according to the ONS. That’s about 665,000 people and slightly up on the previous week.
    In Wales, about one in 165 (18,400 people) had the virus during the same time period, while in Northern Ireland rates are thought to be decreasing at around one in 135 people (about 13,600 people). In Scotland, the figure was one in 155 having the virus (about 34,000 people).
    Case numbers show the South East, East of England and London have seen the highest increases in the last few weeks.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thank you Pete, please take care. I’ve been regularly checking the stats on WHO and noted that as scary as earlier in the year was those numbers now pale in comparison to current ones. Concerned is as best a way as I can put it about how I feel. Best wishes to you and yours Pete.

  3. Our soon-to-be ex president and his ‘advisor’ want a completely open society that would kill off the old and weak and leave only the strong. Sounds like the Nazi idea of building a Master Race. While trump is playing golf, his advisor is encouraging everyone to have big family Thanksgiving dinners with the elderly parents.
    Stay Safe.

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