August 06


Australian Reporter Jonathan Swan working for Axios network interviewed Ballbag and revealed what most of us already knew. I know for some it was comforting to find the President flounder in his usual pitter patter when asked very simple questions but I just of all those who have lost their lives and wondered why this fuckhead wasn’t being held to even more account. That’s just me.

Meanwhile Dr Anthony Fauci said in an interview with Reuters that the impending U.S. election would not push regulators to make short cuts in testing of vaccines.

We have assurances, and I’ve discussed this with the regulatory authorities, that they promise that they are not going to let political considerations interfere with a regulatory decision,” Dr. Fauci said.

“Safety and efficacy is going to be the prime consideration,” he said.

Ballbag had been suggesting a vaccine could be ready soon, Dr Fauci put forward a likelihood drugmakers will have doses ready in the early part of 2021. I wonder why we don’t talk more about vaccines in the mainstream media. An effective vaccine for this type of disease would be unprecedented, how effective would a vaccine be, would it only work in some cases. We don’t really talk about it in the mainstream media, we’ve made it like we report politics and sports. We’ve broken it down to numbers and processes? How deadly is air-conditioning spaces for example? We don’t seem to talk about that a lot for example?

There were 4.7million cases in the U.S. and 157,000 COVID-19 deaths. Ballbag saying it was under control in the Axios interview was brought up with Dr Fauci who was diplomatic.

We’re a big country. You can pick out some parts of the country that are looking good and you could say is under control; you could pick some parts of the country that are on fire, in the sense, I mean you’re having outbreaks that you know you don’t get 70,000 cases a day when nothing’s going on.

A point of good news and getting back to wondering about the science of this horrendous disease the Planet America program pointed out some interesting stats in the second wave of COVID in the U.S. Cases were skyrocketing but deaths were not at the same rate as they had been in March.

Trump might have been right about the heat being a factor.

At the 26 minute mark they discuss the stats and also point out how less deaths have followed hospitalisations.

August 09

On Sunday the 9th of August the World Health Organisation reported there had been 19,474,150 confirmed COVID-19 cases and with a daily increase of 282,705.

There had been 717,143 deaths due to COVID-19 worldwide with 6,528 reported just that day.

In Australia there had 20,698 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 426. There had been 278 deaths with a daily increase of twelve.

In Canada there had been 118,985 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 424. There had been 8,970 with a daily increase of four.

In the United Kingdom there had been 309,767 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 758. There had been 41,273 deaths with a daily increase of three.

In India there had been 2,153,010 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 64,399. There had been 43,379 deaths with a daily increase of 861.

In the United States of America there had been 4,897,958 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 61,028. There had been 159,930 deaths with a daily increase of 1,324.

Those are facts but it is not what it is. Those are facts that belie a lack of care of the most precious thing we have and something we should seek to protect amongst each other. Human lives.

-Lloyd Marken

People sleeping in a parking lot in Las Vegas on March 30 after a homeless shelter shut down because of COVID-19

12 thoughts on “COVID-19 DIARY – IT IS WHAT IT IS

  1. There has bee some talk here of an ‘effective vaccine’ not being widely available for at least six months, possibly longer. I suppose it is worth remembering that the normal flu vaccine still doesn’t stop everyone who has it getting the flu. We may have to learn to live with Covid in our lives for a very long time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Exactly Pete, I’d like to hear more about this. I don’t think there is going to be a magic bullet that kills these things. Maybe just something that helps the survival rates and buoys us through this. Best wishes Pete.

  2. You can’t go by the numbers when we have more population than other countries. We have an “entitled generation” that doesn’t feel rules apply to them and BLM and other groups rioting and protesting at will. The president didn’t start this virus, everyone thought is was the same as any other flu China gives us – just what could Trump have done without being called a dictator?
    I’m not saying Trump is perfect, but if Biden and fellow socialists take office – we might as well kiss our freedoms goodbye.

    1. Per capita the States are still in the top 10 and had the lessons of Italy to learn from. I have posted in the past about the unprecedented nature of this and the way things quickly escalated. But Ballbag publicly downplayed the threat for several weeks when he knew how deadly the disease was or at least was being told that. He’s often countered the message from the experts in his task force. Squabbled with Governors rather than seeking to work with them. Sent federal agents into cities and states where they have asked him not to do that escalating the violence in those places as a show of course rather improving the situation before withdrawing. He’s politicised matters that should have been common sense for all. He even holds rallies now that risk further spread. There’s no end to what I can say about Ballbag. Nobody likes rioting and there’s punks who see an opportunity in those situations but most protestors are seeking a change in the inequality of their society. There’s middle age middle class protestors out there of all races and creed. It tells you something when you get Mums protesting. Thousands are dead, millions are unemployed and their government has forsaken them. Of course people are going to take to the streets. They obviously don’t feel very free right now. Look at the distribution of some polling centres across the States, what freedoms are people enjoying now? I’m not a huge Biden guy but its a no brainer for me. Sadly the government got bought years ago, a little more taking to the streets might be the only way to get it back working for you. Take care GP.

      1. Free, they have too much freedom right now and enjoy abusing it.
        Maybe we should start having long posts and comments about your government? Then we can have protests about that.

      2. We have long posts about my governments too. If a police officer thinks he has the freedom to murder a man handcuffed while being filmed. Expect people to take to the streets. I’m pretty much on the record about all of this including my dismay at the rioting and looting. I’m also concerned about the effects of any mass gatherings but on Ballbag I have my criticisms and they be changing anything soon. I think we do have mutual ground in terms of those who gather together at the beach or a pub for no discernible reason when the medical advice suggests not to. But then again I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Like I said when people feel something is wrong in their country that is when you see this type of activity. It’s inevitable.

      3. Fair enough GP, I would like to think this goes above party lines. I really feel strongly about Ballbag as you can tell but I understand the concerns some have about ideas in the left. Like I said to me it’s a no brainer but I heard a Republican pointing out some pretty strong arguments the other night about why he supports him and how he has crossed party lines in the past. You never want to be beholden to one party. They’re mostly all wankers from the same schools and families bought and paid for by the same big money. Its sad really. But for me I’ve been shocked and angry and saddened by a lot of things that have happened and I will continue to write about it with my own take on it. Stay safe GP and best wishes.

      4. That’s why I remain independent. I research each person running, for whatever job, and try to make the most qualified choice I can. There are Dems voting for Trump too, even Martin Luther King award-winners.

  3. On TV today, there was talk of an effective vaccine in the early part of 2021. It’s also worth considering that the doctors will be happy if it reduces symptoms by just 40%. They are confident that that would be enough to save almost everybody.

    1. That would be great John. I keep getting told even an effective vaccine wouldn’t work for all strains as the virus mutates and I want to hear more on the news what the experts advise?

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