May 29

It was Friday.

That was the day.

The World Health Organisation reported in America there were 1,694,864 with a daily increase of 19,606.

There 100,304 DEATHS with a daily increase of 1,415.

Former Vice President Joe Biden who has experienced real loss in his life posted a message of consolation on Twitter.


In Minneapolis protests were escalating. on the 28th of May Australian journalist Tim Arvier for Channel Nine News was reporting from the scene. The footage was surreal and riveting, a black man had been stabbed by a white man in a crowd of protestors.

The police had taken all morning to come down in force, the white man was arrested and the black man was picked up and retreated down the street.

A fellow blogger who lives there later advised me that there were white supremacists in the area to incite violence. This situation could possibly have been an example of this, then again maybe not.

During the incident bricks and water bottles were thrown at police and police fired tear gas at the crowd. Tim Arvier’s courage under pressure along with his cameraman was something to behold.



I watched with sadness and despair, knowing that night the city would burn.

And burn it did.



I hadn’t watched the footage of George Floyd yet, I just felt very sad. The country had sufferred so much from COVID-19 and now it was going to tear itself apart and I just felt so disappointed.

There’s a part of me that believes protesting just isn’t possible during a pandemic certainly given the number of cases currently but for many Americans enough was enough.

It almost felt like the murder of George Floyd may have been the trigger but there was something sadly inevitable about all of this.

That if there were so many people out of work, struggling to get food, without welfare, unable to get health care that sooner or later they would take to the streets to have their voices heard.

Or maybe people were fed up with being on the wrong side of a racial divide. As an outsider it is not for me to say but as person who loves America and Americans.

I shook my head. I was so sad.

-Lloyd Marken

















  1. Indeed Lloyd, it was so sad. But it was a long time a’coming and I have faith that it will bring good changes.
    Funny, an hour or so before I opened your post, I was listening to that particular CD of Cash.
    Stay safe.

    1. Thanks Don, you too. I just thought naturally of the Cash song naturally given what images we were seeing in the news. I hope there is good change from this too.

  2. Since those events, America appears to have decided that a renewed infection rate and many more deaths is a reasonable price to pay for going to the beach, opening bars, and returning to work. And they are being led by an idiot who has been suggesting it’s all a hoax, or at best a Chinese conspiracy. Hard to comprehend we live in supposedly enlightened times.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We are in difficult times Pete, How many waves will there ultimately be? How many deaths? Ballbags could still win in November too. I guess we just keep going. It is something that we have come through the first wave and now we just keep going and the future will reveal itself.

  3. I couldn’t understand what kind of man could do that to George Floyd. I suppose shooting somebody could be a spur of the moment thing, a decision wrongly taken, but this was so long drawn out that it was beyond comprehension. What is wrong with people like that?

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