Me with work colleagues 08APR2020. Copyright Lloyd Marken.

In the lead up to Easter I worked from home from the 06APR2020 – 09APR2020, raged against Trump’s behaviour on the news, anxiously watched the stats across the world but particularly in the UK and generally got on with it.

In Australia there were no more restrictions to put in place, we appeared to be flattening the curve but we needed to keep on doing what we were doing.

This was the new normal, I found myself calling friends more and definitely watching more news.


Scenestr was moving completely online for now and launching their new TV show (first episode debuted 26APR2020) following having produced videos for years.

I was grateful to have a job. People I know including Karen either lost work or lost their jobs completely.

With a rise in unemployment comes a rise in domestic violence and suicide.

While domestic violence also happens to men I did note that it was my female friends who first mentioned concerns about DV and suicide was on my mind with the rise of unemployment.

With no commute, a reduction in gym fees, fuel costs, no socialising, and no lunch at work I had a little bit more money available despite a recent parking fine sent to me.

So that payday I donated to the Salvation Army who help the homeless, those fleeing domestic violence or struggling to buy food.


Donate to the Disaster Appeal | The Salvation Army Australia

Many years ago a Sally man had come out of the jungle at Jacqinot Bay, New Britain during the second world war. He cooked for the Australians stationed there, their first hot cooked meal in weeks.

His actions ensured that members of a family ever since have donated to the Salvos.


06 April

In Great Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson is admitted to hospital.

In America Trump peddles anti-malarial drug sounding like a snake oil salesman saying “What do you have to lose?” despite the fact that such drugs can have dangerous side effects.



07 AprilΒ 

Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson is admitted to ICU.


09 April

On the 9th of April, 2020 the World Health Organisation reported there were 6,052 confirmed cases in Australia with a daily increase of 96. There were 50 deaths with a daily increase of five.

In Ireland there were 6,224 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 515. There were 235 deaths with a daily increase of 25.

In India there were 5,865 cases with a daily increase of 591. There were 169 deaths with a daily increase of 20.

In Canada there were 18,433 cases with a daily increase of 1,384. There had been 401 Canadians die with a daily increase of 56.

In the United Kingdom there were 60,737 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 5,491. The death toll stood at 7,097 with a daily increase of 938.

In Italy there were 139,422 confirmed cases with a daily increase of 3,836. 17,669 Italians had died with a daily increase of 540.

In the United States of America there were 395,030 cases with a daily increase alone of 31,709! The number of dead rose to 12,740 with a daily increase of 1,895.

-Lloyd Marken




20 thoughts on “COVID-19 DIARY – THE NEW NORMAL – PART II

  1. At least that photo will give you something to smile about, 20 years from now.
    112 people died here in the last 24 hours, and government ministers are announcing ‘success’. That’s more than 40,000 dead now.
    Some success.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. On the 9th of April there were 938 deaths in the UK. I suppose that is a measure of it going down but we have eased restrictions following days without a single death. I fear a second wave.

      1. I don’t have a lot of experience in this area. I have combed and washed the beard. I have cut around lips to avoid it itching. I have not waxed or moused it yet. I’ll be getting rid of it in a month I think but it has been fun growing it. I’m sure you remain dazzling, to Big Jim in particular.

      1. If you have time, I figure you’d dig Emmy Lou Harris and Dire Straits would be your error. I quite like this concert and the performance of Romeo and Juliet which I play constantly while working from home.

  2. The problem with England is that some regions are much worse than others, with London apparently unwilling to follow some of the rules. A week ago the police broke up raves with thousands of people involved. Now we have huge gatherings about George Floyd. This is in contrast with other cities where deaths may be zero for some days.
    This is a serious disease and needs to be treated as such by everybody.

  3. It is already really interesting to look back. The past three months have been so strange. Here’s hoping the worst is behind us!

    1. I have lucky to have some hindsight due to starting late with these posts. I’m currently writing about 18MAY2020 due to come out in close to two weeks. I am keeping track of Canada’s stats as I know a few people who live in Ontario. πŸ™‚ How are you doing?

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